The Challenge

Delft Challenge has been participating in the Sailing Arabia The Tour (SATT). Last year we changed the challenge to the Tour Voile! A group of students from Delft University of technology is working hard all year to be in the best shape in July to go for gold. Tour Voile is a prestigious sailing event that will take us along the whole coast of France. Leading this campaign solely with a few students while spending as much time on the water is a big but exciting challenge.

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About the Team

Delft Challenge is a team with young and enthusiastic sailors from the Delft University of Technology, participating in numerous offshore sailing events around the globe. Founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of participating in the Tour de France à la Voile, the team has gone through several complete changes to keep a young, student-only team. Nowadays, the team is a stable factor in the international sailing world, a fierce competitor that is both feared and admired by its competition. Scroll down and get to know these young adventurers that set sail on the world’s seas.


Upcoming Events

Event Date Location
 Tour de France à la Voile 5-21 July France


Event Date Location Result
 IJspegel 12 March Scheveningen 1st
Atoom Cup 25 – 26 March Scheveningen 2nd
Baggercup 2 April Scheveningen 1st
Van Uden Reco Stellendam Regatta 22 – 23 April Stellendam 4th
Vuurschepen Race 27 May Scheveningen – Harwich 10th
North Sea Race 30 May Harwich – Scheveningen 7th
North Sea Regatta 2 – 4 June Scheveningen 8th
Ramsgate Week 23 – 28 July Ramsgate 2nd
Ramsgate Week – Gold Cup 28 July Ramsgate 1st
Allez Calais 26 August Ramsgate – Calais 1st
Antwerp Race – cancelled 7 October Breskens – Antwerp DNC



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