Le Spi Ouest

Bonjour! Easter weekend has been a great sailing weekend for Delft Challenge. We raced in the Spi Ouest in La Trinité-sur-Mer. The Spi Ouest is a huge event with multiple one design classes racing against each other in huge fleets. In our class, there were racing over 30 Diams. A race in which the sailors make the difference.


During training in the weeks before the event we decided the roles in the boat: Helmsman; Tobias and Xander, Main sail trimmer; Marien and Job, Bowman; Sietze and Casper. This allowed us to split up into two teams for the event to create a good chemistry and improve as much as possible. The weather conditions were extremely challenging. It was quite cold, but most important, there was a huge amount of wind throughout the event which we didn’t have a lot of experience with yet. Tobias, Marien and Sietze started of the event on Friday. With many Diams closely together sailing incredibly fast it was extremely spectacular. At first it was a bit shocking but we got used to the fleet quickly. Unfortunately, our gen ripped during the second race of day one which meant we had to go back to the shore early.


The second day, Xander, Job and Casper had their chance to show themselves in the Diam fleet with our spare gen. This Saturday was the day with the most wind. The whole fleet sailed with a reefed sail to be able to make proper manoeuvres without nosediving. It was a great experience where we learned how important it is to do everything fast and good. Every mistake was punished really hard by the boat and the other competitors. After the two races we also sailed a coastal race which was about 21 nautical miles long and took less than 2 hours.


Day 3, Tobias and his crew had their turn to sail again. Well rested from their much needed rest day they took on the Diam fleet again which Xander and his crew did day 4. After all, the Spi Ouest was an event in which we made huge improvements towards the Tour Voile!


À Plus!