Van Oord

Known from the Palm Islands in Dubai, Van Oord is a leading company that focuses on dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects. Marine ingenuity is their signature and foundation of success. As a safe working environment is one of their main priorities and innovative solutions are a must, this is something we highly value at Delft Challenge as well. Van Oord is a supportive partner since 2017!


In 2018 Amels celebrated its centennial milestone. From its origins as a Dutch boat builder, Amels has grown as a part of the Damen shipyards group powerhouse into the largest luxury yacht building yard in the Netherlands, recognised worldwide as a symbol of pedigree and the absolute highest quality and finish.

Sohar Port & Freezone

SOHAR Port and Freezone is a deep-sea Port and Freezone in the Sultanate of Oman, managed by Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC), a 50:50 joint venture between the Port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman.

TU Delft

In her 175 years of existence Delft University of Technology means a great deal for both Dutch and international science. Apart from the scientific research in areas as physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, marine technology and computer science, much effort is put into educating future engineers. Delft University of Technology believes a good engineer is not raised only in the lecture halls. Besides studying, a student needs to explore other aspects of life, including sports.

in-TRIM Advies

In-Trim is een solide bedrijf met een breed klantenportfolio en spreiding over een aantal branches. Onze klanten zijn veelal eindgebruikers en de ‘A-merken’ in de techniek. Ons motto is:

“Wie geen klanten kwijt raakt, krijgt het vanzelf druk”

in-TRIM Advies is een maatschap, waar het ondernemerschap laag in de organisatie is geborgd. Iedere partner heeft minstens 15 jaar ervaring in de branche en neemt een groot netwerk mee. De bundeling, samenwerking en het model zijn de kracht van in-TRIM Advies.

Navingo Career Event

Since 2006, Navingo BV hosts the maritime & offshore career event. The event is a great way for students, starters and young professionals to get in touch with maritime and offshore industries in Europe. This is the place where you can kickstart your career and where the companies connect with students for each other’s benefit. It is hosted on Thursday 23rd of May in Rotterdam, Delft Challenge will be there, don’t miss it!

Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde Architecten

Our profession is to realize good buildings.

As an architect, you have a great responsibility – together with the client – for the built environment: the environment in which people live and work. The dialogue with the client and a careful integration from the design in the enviroment, play therefore an importante role in our work.

We strive for buildings with an own character, a special spaciousness, and a sustainable finishing off. Finding the essence is thereby for every task the most important. Like this, simple but powerful concepts are formed, that are elaborated as critical and consistent as possible.

We believe in the value of architecture and in the importance of high quality buildings.

Magic Marine

The Magic Marine Sailing gear keeps us warm and dry on the water and their softshells give us a good appearance on shore. Magic Marine stands for performance based sailing gear covering a wide range of disciplines. The brand pushes to be one step ahead, recognizing the range of conditions that sailors are exposed to; where faster sailing, longer sessions in more extreme weather is the aim. The brand is driven by sailors, for sailors and is pushed by all that the water offers us as sailors.


Harken is an official supplier of Team Delft Challenge. Since 1967, Harken specializes in performance sailing hardware from boat blocks to winches. Their experience from dinghy sailing to offshore racing has helped them design and manufacture top class products for many decades.  In May 2017 our Farr 30 was equipped with two new jib winches. Delft Challenge is happy to have Harken aboard!


Marlow is an rope official supplier of Team Delft Challenge. Marlow’s global reputation for quality, technical innovation and superior product performance has consolidated their position as the world’s premium marine racing rope brand.  Marlow designs and manufactures ropes that match and exceed the requirements of every sailor – from the largest superyacht to the smallest dingy.

Australian Gold

Vrienden van Delft Challenge

Vrienden van Delft Challenge, in English: Friends of Delft Challenge, are the supporting people behind the scenes of the team. The support of the Friends of Delft Challenge, gets the team highly motivated and contributes to the enthousiasm of Delft Challenge.


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