Sietze Naber

  • Bowman
  • Chairman
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 29-08-1994

Sietze Naber has a long sailing history behind him. First, in his teenage years he decided to master the sailing skills in the Optimist and in the Yngling. After that, Sietze started studying Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft and next to that he became a sailing instructor to transfer his knowledge to new sailors. Now as Sietze is steadily on his way to successfully finish his bachelor program, he is looking for a new challenge next to his study. With his background and a nice smile he got himself a place in the team. Enriching ‘Delft Challenge’ with his experience he is one of the new team members.

Fun fact: Sietze is the smallest in the team but definitely doesn’t eat as if he is the smallest.