The Challenge

Delft Challenge has been participating in the Sailing Arabia The Tour (SATT) and the Tour Voile. This year the team changed the challenge to compete in the  in the Far East 28R! A group of students from Delft University of Technology is working hard all year to be in the best shape  to go for gold. Delft Challenge will compete in the ORC/IRC circuit, the Fareast World championship and in offshore regatta’s.  Leading this campaign solely with a few students while spending as much time on the water is a big but exciting challenge.

Every year, a group of students tries to run the challenging campaign of a young sailing team owning a boat, practice as much as possible, be in good physical shape and compete in regattas nationally and internationally. This all, in combination with a study at Delft University of technology. Team work is the keyword within Delft Challenge, on and off the water. To function as a team on the water, you need to function as a team on shore to make sure all our plans can be realized.

Creativity is another keyword a real DC’er needs. Every year, new challenges must be dealt with and since money is always scarce, creative solutions are the drive forward. This year, Delft Challenge decided that she needed a new boat again. A Far East 28R, to participate in the World Championships of this one design class is what we wanted. With a few students and a lot of perseverance we managed to purchase a boat and sail the Tour Voile in 2018. Now we are on our way to sell the Diam24 and buy a Far East 28R. This shows the determination of team Delft Challenge and this year we determined to race in the World Championship of 2020 and go for gold!

Making it to the the starting line in Germany in perfect shape is one thing, battling for the podium another. The World Championship is a challenging regatta with many inshore races dure a whole week. The World Championship offers many challenges in different circumstances. Sailors from around the world travel to Germany to compete in this regatta and take home the gold. With its ever-growing fleet, it is one of the biggest sailing events. The event is a truly great way for sailors around the world to continue being active in the world’s most fantastic sport and fits perfectly with the ambitious and adventurous mentality of team Delft Challenge.