Joshua Amato

  • Mainsail & Bowman
  • Chairman
  • Technology, Policy & Management
  • 02-12-1997

Joshua, our italian guy, born a raised in Salerno, Italy. He started out like most of us in an optimist, but this was not enough for this young sailing talent. At the age of nine, he moved to Arnhem and was soon to be found mostly in Germany rocking the 420. Now you can find him in a J70 racing to his next victory, and got qualified to sail the Sailing Champions League. Starting in Delft, studying Maritime Engineering, Delft Challenge saw the opportunity to bring some Italian spice in to the team. Fun fact, he sails almost every race with his father and plans to sail the World Championship 470 together. Also, he likes to be in the spotlight, you might see him often in the media so make sure you follow us closely on Facebook, Instagram and of course our newsletter.